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Healing does not need to take a long time.  Choosing coaching you realize you do not need to do it alone, and the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

What is Quantum Healing?

As a WEL-Systems CODE Model Coach™, I offer Quantum Healing Coaching. Accelerated Evolution is the driving force with this. Healing does not need to take a long time, you do not have to do it alone and we do not have to do serious things too seriously. It is through the body we  learn to process the past so that we can free ourselves from being driven by old beliefs and ways — cultural conditioning. Learning how to engage the body sensations is called  Quantum TLC ( letting the body be open to soften and taking deep breaths). As we engage the body as a quantum biological processor when we feel triggered, we come to know we are designed to process our past like we process our lunch.

Online packages are offered through Zoom that are 90-minute sessions. This is a very transformational experience as clients learn to understand how to heal through the body leading.

.Is Quantum Healing for Me?

~Are you needing to re-connect to yourSelf?

~Are you ready to learn to heal yourSelf?

~Are you ready to give yourSelf Space, Movement and Flow for optimal wellness?
~Are you looking to know life happens for you, instead of to you?
~Are you willing to commit to your own Well-being and Wholeness?
~Are you ready to know you are more than the caring roles you play each day?
~Are you ready to accept we are each Whole, Unique and so Essential to our World?
~Are you wanting to experience and to discover inside your body that you are safe to feel and speak your internal truths?
~Are you wanting to know that when you are triggered instead of reacting, respond with the truth of your experience?

Healing takes vulnerability and boundaries.  

Online Coaching

Accessible from the comfort of your own home!


Choose between one-on-one sessions, group healing circles, or get-away retreats to transform and reclaim your life!

Flexible Scheduling

I work around your busy schedule!

Why Did I Choose Quantum Healing ?

Nine years ago I felt very lost and disconnected. I had so many unhealed parts of myself that I didn’t know how to start unpacking it all and to start loving my life again. I craved freedom from being buckled by my past triggers

I met the most incredible woman, Naomi Irons, who asked me one day,   “ Jaime, did you ever consider you could feel safe in your body?”
At that point I would have said, not a chance. I was holding so much fear in my body, I was so anxious and lonely.

Naomi Irons had become a WEL-Systems CODE Model Coach ™, and had embodied the process of accelerated evolution. Her light and authenticity shone through so brightly, I was inspired to heal through the program and I too became a WEL-Systems CODE Model Coach ™ https://wel-systems.com/. I am sharing this  because I feel like the last two years we have all become somewhat confused, scared, anxious, and disconnected from each other and ourSelves. I’m sure I don’t know one person who hasn’t been greatly effected in their nervous system by the pandemic.

The process of accelerated evolution is so potent in its invitation to safely allow old triggers to arise. Engaging one-on-one or in a small group invites women to share their stories. By learning this potent process that the brilliant Louise LeBrun has created, as the founder of The WEL-Systems Institute, we come to know that reclaiming our lives does NOT have to take a long time.

Reclaiming my life is the most powerful thing I have ever done. Freedom and authenticity are huge values for my life so when something from my past is holding me back I have learned to feel out the old story/truths that were stuck in my nervous system. Nothing can be more empowering than that for me. I am driven by taking what has felt powerless to now knowing, without a doubt, that we are each powerful beyond belief.

The process of accelerated evolution combines quantum science, safety and the sacred. This is how to transform those things that made us powerless in our past, and into powerful women, who come to know themselves as so much more than we were taught!

Engaging this Material Exponentially Accelerates your Capacity to Reclaim Your Life.

~Awakening Starts Here~

Decloaking & Living Authentically

The Decloaking and Living Authentically audio files are a Self-directed experience of a deeply personal journey of mind. They were created with an eye to the future and the escalating challenges we would face. With intention, they offer up an exploration of the process of mind that recognizes and respects that only you can effect the change you desire in your life. This audio program can show you how to go about doing just that. It will not define you but it will help you discover how to redefine yourSelf. ~ Louise LeBrun

Fully Alive

Fully Alive has grown in many ways – in its clarity of expression; in the size of its intention and the message it carries; and in its invitation for you to accelerate the path of your own awakening. In a rapidly changing world, how we used to do it is no longer big enough, fast enough or courageous enough to pave the way for redesigning ourselves and our lives. ~ Louise LeBrun

Jaime is caring, loving, generous, talented and so insightful. She always seems to know what really needs attention and has a way of making me work through issues that I didn’t even realize I had from my past. She  helped me find myself when I did not know who I was and made me see how blessed I am in so many aspects of my life. When my marriage of 28 years ended, I was lost and scared. I blamed myself, I wasn’t good enough I thought . Now I see that the marriage ending was a catalyst in getting to rediscover me. Jaime encouraged me to believe that my best life is yet to come and that I am the one in control. She offers me hope when I feel discouraged, love when I feel down and understanding in how I am evolving and growing. She helps me work through relationships and feelings that have been buried deep inside for so long. Sometimes I didn’t even realize these feelings were there. I am encouraged to just BE me to keep telling my truth, learning and growing. My interests were also piqued in so many areas I had never heard of ( chakras, acupuncture, Reiki, the spiritual…). Quantum Healing Coaching helps me learn how to choose myself and love myself. After a session, I always feel relaxed and good about myself and hopeful for this journey through life .

Christine C


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