Jaime Lowe

Holistic Wellness practitioner

Emotional Coaching

Using WEL-Systems CODE Model Coaching ™ approach.


Providing Traditional Chinese Medicine and German Auricular Acupuncture.

Cupping Massage

Most commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture.

Why Have I Combined These Three Modalities?

I (Jaime Lowe) approach health care knowing that the human body is energy. Pain and dysfunction are caused by imbalanced energy ( too much or too little). Through my various eastern and western healthcare education over the last 24 years, I realize that we need to treat the whole person — mind, body, emotional and spiritual health. Helping my clients’ wellness, by providing coaching to feel out triggers, or education on how they can reclaim their lives, or doing bodywork like acupuncture and cupping, all enable me to help those who truly want to heal. If you are willing to commit to your wellness, contact me. Each treatment is as individual as you are! Let’s Create Your Wellness Plan Together!!

How Can I Help?

By aiding your body’s natural healing ability through energy or quantum therapies


Acupuncture allieviates the causes of anxiety by balancing mind and body.

Seasonal Allergies

Acupuncture helps symptoms of seasonal allergies by strengthening the body.


Acupuncture alleviates the nerve pain by untrapping the sciatic nerve.

Neck and shoulders pain

Acupuncture helps treat pain in the muscles, and joints in the neck and shoulders by relieving tension. 

Jaime Lowe

Finding the right practitioner for you is only a phone call away!

I am always driven to help those in need — holding a safe space for others to be heard; a respectful, listening ear in a meaningful coaching conversation; a healing touch; teaching the wisdom of living a healing journey; providing pain relief with one of the healing modalities. I am a passionate Holistic Wellness Practitioner.

About Jaime

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Jaime is an empathetic, and passionate entrepreneur who operated a healing business since 2002. Jaime has over ten years post-secondary education in various health fields. These include two years of a BSc in Nursing at Saint Francis Xavier University, Massage Therapy, two types of Acupuncture, Cupping Massage, Quantum Healing Coaching and Reiki.  Jaime offers in-clinic, one-on-one sessions, mobile group acupuncture sessions for families and/or businesses looking to support their employees in their wellness, and online packages for Quantum Healing Coaching sessions.

Originally operating in Antigonish, Jaime has recently relocated to the town of New Glasgow, in Eastern Nova Scotia.

“I have been seeing Jaime Lowe for seven years and I am grateful for her healing hands. Jaime is sensitive and has taught me that loving myself, taking care of myself are very necessary. She has also taught me that my happiness is a priority and, in doing so, has made me realize how important that is. Jaime is intuitive to all my needs, physically and mentally. She listens with her hands and heart. Jaime is the best, is so kind, gentle, humble, etc. Seeing her makes my day better; her intentions shine through .”

Ellen B.

Retired School Teacher and Counselor, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

“Jaime has been my health care practitioner for four years. She deals with my direct needs She asks me each time what I feel when I come in (I have wide- spread pain) and targets my pain at that time. Jaime has her clients’ best health outcomes at heart and is always learning more helpful therapies .

Jennifer C.

Pharmacy Technician, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

You Deserve Wellness!

Contact me today to find out how much better you can feel when you are Choosing to LIVE Fully Alive!

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400 East River Road, Lower Level
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Serving Antigonish, Pictou, Halifax and the surrounding areas.